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Tennis Court Maintenance and Cleaning

A tennis courts life span will be greatly increased with a good maintenance and cleaning schedule.


Hard Surface Courts


We recommend yearly maintenance to include a deep clean and moss treatment on your all-weather courts. We always use a whirl-away to clean our courts as well as a lance as this cleans the deep down moss in the pours of the porous tarmac, by cleaning this way it stops the moss coming back so quickly and lets the tarmac expand and retract in the winter months thus stopping your court from fretting. By just having your court jet washed and not using a whirl-away the deep down moss never comes out which will accelerate future moss and fretting.


Carpet and Synthetic Surface Courts


We offer full rejuvenation with all sand out and all sand in wash and professionally hydraulic brushed service using a hydraulic brush machine. If your court has only a small amount of moss we can use the hydraulic brush machine to lift the moss out the carpet then moss treat to prevent the moss from getting worse.


Maintenance schedules are not just for new courts, all courts and surrounds should be maintained so if you have just moved into a property with an existing court that looks a little tired please do not hesitate to contact us.


Wet Pore Soft Play Areas


Using a very specific chemical treatment and full wash using the whirl-away and lance to bring your Wet Pore Soft Play area back to new.


We have the experience, expertise and staff to get all our work completed with the least upheaval to your playground, play area, garden and business.


Please see following a list of what we offer on the maintenance side of Suffolk Tennis Courts;


Pressure wash and moss kill to tennis court surfaces

Moss inhibitor treatment

Whirl-away deep clean for porous tarmac cleaning

Artificial Grass brushing and rejuvenating

Tennis Court Colour spraying

Tennis Court Fence repairs and replacement

Repairs to tarmac surfaces

Artificial Grass cleaning in you back garden

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