Terms and Conditions:

Quotations are guaranteed for 30 days unless stated otherwise on your quotation.

Payment terms and conditions are individual to each quotation and will be specified on each quotation sent out.

While Suffolk Tennis Courts takes the very best of care at all times, we cannot be held responsible for damage caused to underground services. These must be clearly marked and brought to our attention prior to commencement of work.

New Builds, Re-Constructions and Re-Surfaces: We will not be held accountable for the growth of weeds/and or moss on the surface of the court after twelve weeks from the date of any work being carried out. Weed and moss control are part of the owner’s maintenance responsibility, please ask for a copy of our maintenance manual for further guidance.

All work carried out is weather permitting, while we aim to carry out all work under the best conditions possible this may mean work is postponed at short notice. Suffolk Tennis Courts will not be held responsible for moss treatments and inhibitors not working due to weather conditions.

Re-Surfacing and Re-Construction: When resurfacing a court, we always weed kill prior to the laying of the new surface but with the existing surface underneath you are more perceptible to weeds which will require constant maintenance from the court owner and we will not be responsible for weed growth. We are happy to offer an aftercare service.

We will not be held accountable for root damage, intrusion of roots onto the court, bump or lumps that may appear following a re-surface/re-construct as we have not dug out/laid the existing base/original surface. We will also not be responsible for issues with the sub-base, ground movement, subsidence.

We cannot be held responsible for Iron Pyrites as these are a naturally occurring mineral.

In the unlikely event that unstable ground (existing surface) is found, extra charges may occur to eradicate.

Following acceptance of quotation and in the time period between then and starting work if changes are made to agreed site entrance and/or site of new tennis court or existing tennis court to include but not limited to gates, trees, hedging, statues, flower beds, pathways, driveways that may cause additional work, labour, machinery, materials these will be chargeable.

Due to changes in the economic climate we may have to increase our prices or there may be additional charges for materials and machinery following acceptance of quotation.

All goods remain the property of K J Thorpe Ltd T/A Suffolk Tennis Courts until paid for in full.

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